Match Making

In the current context extensive humanitarian response is essential to help the people of Myanmar especially the poor, children and women. The humanitarian and development organizations have already taken steps to reach people with different types of supports such as cash transfer, ration provisioning, provision of hygiene products and healthcare support etc. The private sector has also been involved in supporting the people in different ways either directly or in collaboration with the civil society organizations in form of donations and increasing availability of affordable nutritious food in the markets. Since both sectors are active in the response, it is highly important to explore synergies between the private sector and humanitarian response partners for an effective humanitarian response in line with the Minimum Economic Recovery Standards (MERS).

Against this background, the SUN business network Myanmar is planning to conduct a series of match-making events. Objective of the match-making events are:

  • Improve collaboration between the private sector and the humanitarian organization for humanitarian response in Myanmar
  • Provide awareness on product/services and product nutrition value provided by the key private sector players
  • Improve institutional demand for fortified and other nutritious food

The event will bring together strategic food producers/processors (SBN and non-SBN members) and development/humanitarian response partners that are working and supporting the food security issues in peri-urban areas and beyond.

The events will enable key actors to in both sectors to know more about each other and solutions, support and services they offered to communities in the current context with respect to improving nutrition and health hygiene practices. This event will spark new partnership by providing an opportunity to engage and discuss collaboration ideas.

For the purpose of enhancing collaborations between development & humanitarian organizations and private sector (food producers/suppliers) for a coordinated and effective response, in November 2021, SBN Myanmar had organized a match-making event in November 2021 to make linkages and potential partnership for food delivering and procuring.