SUN Business Network

SUN Business Network was established in 2018-19 to mobilize and accelerate businesses actions across the food systems to act, innovate and invest responsibly for improving nutrition.

SUN Civil Society Network

The SUN Civil Society Alliance (SUN CSA) in Myanmar was established in February 2015 with the aim of uniting civil society organizations (CSOs) to ensure a voice is given to a range of small, dependent, regional and national organizations to further the aim of the SUN movement. The SUN CSA, as one of the networks of the SUN Movement in Myanmar, will be a catalyst for sustained public, political and financial commitment and action to address undernutrition in Myanmar through the continued development of a strong, coordinated civil society constituency that supports further development and wider implementation of the nutrition agenda.

UN Nutrition

UN Nutrition, formerly known as UN Network for Scaling Up Nutrition, in Myanmar was formalized in 2015. Currently, UN Nutrition in Myanmar has nine member agencies. The network is chaired by UNICEF and its secretariat team is hosted by WFP.

SUN Donor

Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FBDO), previously known as Department for International Development, of the UK is serving as a convenor for the SUN Donors in Myanmar.